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Pig Roaster Rentals

An affordable option for the do-it-yourselfer! Everything you need for your own backyard pig roast. Pigs come fully seasoned and mounted on a roasting pole. Simply plug it in, light the fire and you're ready to roast! Rentals are available at our St. Catharines location. For Ready Roasted Pigs please visit our take-out menus


What we provide:

  • PigOut’s propane or charcoal roaster (your choice)

  • Seasoned pig, mounted on a roasting pole, ready for cooking

  • Thermometer to check when the pig is ready

  • Easy cooking and carving instructions


What you need:

  • Truck or trailer for picking up the roaster

  • Straps to secure the roaster during transportation

  • Power outlet for operating the motor

  • Knife and scissors for carving

  • 20lb tank of propane or charcoal (depending on the roasting system chosen)

  • Dry cloths or oven mitts for lifting the cooked pig

  • Water and dish soap for cleaning

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Rental FAQ

Which roaster should I choose?


PigOut Propane Roaster - Fully Automated


Enjoy the aromas and watch your pig roast without having to do anything!  Simple roasting instructions included.


  • 60” x 24” x 42” – fits in the back of standard box pick up truck

  • Fully automated – plug and go

  • 15-20lb an hour cook time

  • 7hrs of cooking per 20lb propane tank

  • Smoke and fume free

  • Carve directly off the roaster

  • Easy to maneuver over all terrains with large 10” tires



PigOut Charcoal Rotisserie


  • Foldable and can fit in the trunk of any vehicle

  • Can include charcoal firebox and wind guards or set up over your own fire pit

  • The average cook time is 10lbs per hour (depends on wind and weather)

  • Lump charcoal is recommended – 8kg of charcoal is approx. 1 hour of cooking (wind and weather dependent)

What size pig do I need?


We recommend ordering 1 lb of pig per guest for a dinner function where the pork will be the main protein. Typically, whole pigs yield 50% meat. On average we recommend a ½ pound portion of meat per guest. Therefore, a 60lb pig will yield approx. 30lb of meat or 60 8oz portions.



Where do your pigs come from?

Our pigs are sourced from a local butcher shop. All pigs are naturally raised on Ontario farms and are hormone and antibiotic-free. We guarantee our pigs to be the freshest available. We can generally secure any size pig (20-140lb) requested.

How do I reserve a roaster?

Simply fill in the rental booking request form, a credit card is required to secure your booking. Scan, email or fax your request to us at or 1-800-737-3750. We will send confirmation once all information has been received. Get your requests in early to guarantee your date.


Do you provide delivery?

We can provide delivery of your roaster rental depending on the date selected and availability of our staff. A delivery and collection fee will apply. We can only deliver roaster rentals within the Niagara Region.


How do you carve a pig?

Carving instructions are included with the roaster operating guide. You can view the How to carve a pig video below










Do I have to clean the roaster?

Please make sure the roaster gets cleaned out at the end of each use. A $50 cleaning fee will apply if the roaster is returned dirty.

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