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4 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Christmas Party

1. The Food

You don’t want your employees to remember this year’s office Christmas party as “the one with the terrible food.” So, make sure to coordinate with us and pick a menu that everyone will appreciate.

Consider the different food preferences of your employees. Ask around if there’s anyone who needs kosher or halal meal? Are there any vegetarians in the office? Make sure there’s something for everyone.

For larger groups, a buffet would be ideal, as this enables people to eat at their own pace and come back for seconds. Drinks will be flowing, and people tend to get hungry again after drinking. Arrange a late night offering such as pizza or grilled cheese station which will help sober some people up at the end of the night and ensure that no one goes home hungry!

2. Include games and activities.

Fun games and activities are great in encouraging a little healthy competition and getting teams together. Make it team focused but mix up the team members so that employees will interact with other people they usually wouldn’t socialize with.

Ensure that the game is easy to participate in so that your employees will be comfortable, relaxed, and still be within their comfort zone.

Most importantly, include novelty prizes for game winners! If you have little budget for prizes and giveaways, you can reach out to your clients for novelty items to give your employees.

3. Don’t forget the entertainment!

Whether it’s a full band, a DJ, or a group of musicians within your organization, it’s important to consider the entertainment after the official programme.

Upbeat and lively music will keep the fun going and even encourage employees to hit the dance floor and socialize with each other.

4. Ensure everyone gets home safe!

With drinks flowing it can be easy to accidentally over serve. Hire smart-serve bartenders to monitor and control the consumption levels of guests. At the end of the night ensure all guests can get home safe.

Appoint a designated driver to get people home or offer vouchers to cab services, Uber or hire a limo driver for the evening this way the hassle of finding a ride at the end of the night is taken care of and all your employees get home safe!

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