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Beautiful weddings in the heart of Niagara

Having lived in Niagara for 13 years, we have seen it grow into a significant Wedding destination, no need to travel to the Caribbean, come to Niagara, beautiful landscapes, and many wedding venues.

We have witnessed cow shed conversions into fabulous barns and one venue that even has a dedicated flower garden for you to pick your bouquets. Wineries have seen a massive demand for weddings, and it can be difficult for many to juggle their daytime tourist guests with the needs of a large wedding event. Hare Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake considered this when planning their winery build. The winery courtyard's large open spaces, main building, and patio provide a fabulous multifunctional space for any wedding.

You will see the retail winery transformation to the destination wedding venue in a speedy one-hour transformation in the video.

To achieve the tight time scale, we worked with our client and the venue to draw up a scale drawing table plan, pre-calculated delivery, and furniture storage. We had plenty of strong hands on deck to place tables and chairs in place, leaving the servers to dress the tables with linens and tableware ready for the wedding guests' arrival.

At the wedding of Carmelle & Sam, the guests enjoyed Cedar Plank Salmon with maple glaze, AAA Whole Roast Beef Tenderloin (hand-carved), Green Beans with Almonds & Roasted Baby Red Skin Potatoes served family-style and followed by dancing in the Courtyard under the stars. It was a truly memorable event.

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